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This site is created with the intention of sharing my knowledge and experience to others, and to use in conjunction between personal and professional purposes.

First of all, my name is Thet Hein, very warm welcome to my website!

I am a graduate Network Engineer with CCNA qualification and over 3 year work experience in Networking, System Administration and Technical Support areas. I see myself as a passionate Network Engineer with lots of dreams and ambitions in life.

You will find the books section, about me, current activities and my projects and pretty much everything about me on here. Please do have a look around as I put lots of works and efforts, and intending to update further information in the future.

You can always keep in touch just by dropping a message via Contact me page or phone (+65) 81696734.

If you have recently received my CV for job application and thinking to process further consideration, please do have a look around my website. I have put as much information as possible in both personal and Technical skills in order to save your time and effort to make phone calls. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me or drop me a message.

Whether you are a student, test taker or Business owner, I am happy to assist you with my technical knowledge and suggestion if it is within the range of my technical skills. So just drop me a message.







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